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Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation Review

[EN] When I heard that Chanel launched a new foundation, I knew I had to give it a go. Normally I check at least a few reviews online before splurging on a high-end foundation but with the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation I just followed by intuition and let me tell you, I don't regret it at all. It's described as an oil-free, lightweight second-skin foundation that naturally smoothes and evens out the complexion for a velvety matte finish. I find that description as pretty true. I figured that this lighter formula with SPF 15 would be great for the Spring and Summer time. 

First things first. I got the shade 20 Beige. It could be slightly lighter for it to be a perfect match but I figured that 10 Beige would probably be too light going into the warmer months. I'm not a huge fan of this packaging. It's black and plastic. I prefer glass bottles from which you can see how much is left of the product and I think these look prettier compared to this plastic bottle. But I have to say that it's pretty handy being small and lightweight. 

Let's talk about the formula. It's a water-based foundation with a liquid consistency. You should shake the bottle well before applying the foundation.  I like to apply it either with my fingers or the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush and I find that it goes on effortlessly. It dries quickly on the skin and turns into a very silky, velvety finish. It's not powdery or cakey looking like some matte foundations do. It looks very natural on the skin and gives a beautiful soft glow. At the same time it is very lightweight. The coverage is light and can be built up to a medium coverage and I felt that two coats worked best for me. Although I do tend to have dry skin, I love to use a matte  foundation during the warmer Spring and Summer months and the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundationit doesn't leave me with any dry, flaky patches. I'm very happy with the wear time as it stays put on my skin until taking of my makeup at night. 

As I don't have oily skin, I can't say how well the Perfection Lumière Velvet keeps matte but nonetheless I would recommend it to all skin types if you like a natural, lightweight, velvety finish. It retails for EUR 42,99.

Have you tried the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet or any other Chanel foundation? What do you think?

Left picture before, right picture after

[DE] Als ich gehört habe, dass Chanel eine neue Foundation herausgebracht hat, wollte ich sie natürlich direkt testen. Normalerweise schaue ich mir die ein oder andere Review an, bevor ich mich entschließe doch recht viel Geld (die Perfection Lumière Velvet kostet EUR 42,99 bei Douglas) für eine Foundation auszugeben, aber diesmal bin ich meiner Intuition gefolgt und bereue es nicht! Sie wird beschrieben als eine federleichte Foundation für einen glatten ebenmäßigen Teint mit samtig-mattem Finish voller Natürlichkeit. Ich finde die Beschreibung ziemlich passend. Die leichte Textur mit SPF 15 ist besonders toll für den Frühling und Sommer. 

Zuerst zur Nuance. Ich habe mir die Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation in 20 Beige gekauft. Die Nuance passt sehr gut zu meinem Hautton, könnte aber einen kleinen Ticken heller sein. Ich hatte zuerst überlegt, mit die Foundation in der Nuance 10 Beige zu kaufen, aber wenn ich erst mal ein bisschen mehr in der Sonne bin, wäre dieser Ton wahrscheinlich schnell zu hell. Ich bin kein großer Fan von der schwarzen Plastikverpackung. Da bevorzuge ich doch Glasfläschchen, die zum einen edler aussehen und  erkennen lassen, wie viel von dem Produkt da ist. Dennoch ist die Plastikverpackung natürlich viel leichter und ist daher super für unterwegs. 

Die Foundation hat eine wasserhaltige Textur und sollte vor dem Auftragen gut geschüttelt werden. Am liebsten trage ich sie entweder direkt mit den Fingern oder mit dem Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Pinsel auf. Sie lässt sich mühelos auftrage und trocknet ziemlich schnell auf der Haut, wobei sich die Textur ein sehr natürliches, samtig-mattes und leichtes Finish verwandelt. Die Perfection Lumière Velvet hat eine leichte bis mittlere Deckkraft. Am liebsten trage ich zwei Schichten auf, so lassen sich auch meine Rötungen gut abdecken. Auch wenn ich eher zu trockener Haut neige trage ich besonders im Sommer gerne eine matte Foundation und toll finde ich, dass sie meine Haut nicht austrocknet oder "flaky" aussieht. Mit der Tragezeit der Perfection Lumière Velvet bin ich sehr zufrieden. Am Abend wenn ich mein Makeup entferne sieht sie (fast) noch so aus, wie morgens nach dem Auftragen. 

Da ich keine ölige Haut habe, kann ich nicht sagen, ob die Foundation die Haut wirklich matt hält, aber ich würde sie jedem empfehlen, der eine leichte, natürliche Foundation mit einem matten Finish sucht. 

Habt ihr die Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet oder eine andere Chanel Foundation getestet? Wenn ja, was denkt ihr?


  1. I lo e Chanel!

  2. I love this,it is really wprth the money :)
    Awesome blog !

  3. This looks like the perfect foundation! Just wish I had the money for it ):

    <3, Song

  4. Sounds great for oily prone skin - like moi! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  5. Thanks for this review!! I've been thinking on getting Chanel foundation and this one sounds perfect!!! :)

  6. I cant wait to try this foundation so many good reviews on it :) and I love all the other ones so Im sure I will love this one.

  7. Your instinct got u a really nice foundation, it looks so natural and if you say it sours not look all caky then what else do we need
    Have a great week

  8. I've never tried any Chanel foundations before, but I love how amazing this foundation makes your skin look! xx

    Gemma //

  9. My friend uses this foundation and she raves as well. I think I should invest!

    Krissie x -

  10. It looks perfect on your skin! I've never tried this product, I actually don't use foundation (I'm too lazy, haha).

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  11. Wow, the finish is so natural and skin-like! :-O
    I have used Chanel's Aqua Lumiere (or something like that), but I find that Shiseido's Sheer and Perfect is a much better option for my problematic, oily skin.

  12. You look gorgeous babe. Love you blog, hope you will visit mine too.

  13. Wow need to try it out great review.

  14. I've never tried a Chanel foundation although I hear such great things about them. I am currently testing out the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.

  15. Looove Chanel!!! My makeup is from this brand and is always perfect! You look great on this sweetie!
    Keep in touch!
    Lady Trends NEW POST!!

  16. Gorgeous !!! you look lovely babe :) What a beautiful make up look!

  17. Great review, sounds like a good one to try! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  18. It leaves a nice soft look, xoxo.

  19. That foundation looks amazing on your skin, makes it look healthy and not dry. Great review! Check out fashion blog

  20. Hello there! I followed you on GFC, bloglovin', twitter and liked you facebook page!
    I hope you do the same :)



  21. look amazing, love the texture!
    you have a very nice blog I invite you to visit mine and if you like we can follow each other?
    Just let me know in my blog!

  22. It looks great on you ! But i have oily skin bit scared to try it out !

  23. Looking at the swatches, this product seems to work really well! I'm always on the lookout for a light foundation that covers any redness and doesn't dry my skin. great review! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  24. Awesome review! I've been curious about this one and wanted to try it so after reading you raving about it I think I need to go out and get one now!


  25. chanel foundation is my weakness! i definitely need to get some...everything about it seems so luxurious!
    would love you to give me some advice on my blog!

  26. I've never tried Chanel foundation. Very nice post. xx

  27. Wonderful finish! Gotta try it soon :)
    xx Lia

  28. My skin is very oily, therefore I think this foundation could potentially be really good for me! Though, I am not so sure I am quite ready to spend over 40 euros for it! :/

  29. i have never tryed anything from chanel but this sounds good :) and im glad you like it so its not a waste of money!

  30. your blog is so beautiful ♥ would you mind checking out mine? i would love you forever!

  31. Great post! This looks lovely, I love Chanel - sadly my purse doesn't!!

    And great blog too, I'm a new follower!

    I have an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY on my blog, hope you will enter

  32. chanel is love! great post. would you like to follow each other via gfc fb and bloglovin? let me know! :)


  33. Wonderful review - thank you for sharing the swatch and before and after photos! x

  34. thank you dear! followed you back both on bloglovin and gfc :) keep in touch!


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